These warranty terms form part of the contract between you and Conqueror 4×4 Pty Ltd for the purchase of your new Off-road Camper or Caravan. Please read these Warranty Terms carefully. Please contact us for any clarification of the Terms of the Warranty.


We are proud to offer a Three Year (36 Month) Warranty on all our products. Our Campers and Caravans are true of road trailers designed to go wherever you want to explore. The warranty is for faulty workmanship or materials during the term. For clarity, it does not cover any damage to the trailer, which may be covered by your insurance. Your Caravan/Camper is a True Off Road Trailer, however it isn’t a Tank or a Boat, so if you put a boulder through your water tank or float your camper down a river the resultant damage may be an insurance claim, as it won’t be a warranty claim.


Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to have the goods repaired if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure of the goods supplied.


Our liability is limited, to the extent permitted by the Australian Consumer Law, to the repair or replacement of the Camper or Caravan or of a component.


Subject to the Australian Consumer Law we will not be liable for any consequential loss caused as a consequence of the failure of the Camper or Caravan or component. In particular, we will not be liable for any transport, accommodation, towing or recovery costs, damage to the tow vehicle or for the damage to any items that were in the trailer which were not standard equipment when the Camper or Caravan was delivered to you.


Conqueror 4×4 Pty Ltd warrants the original purchaser for defects or failures in material and or workmanship on all parts of our manufacture for a period of 36 months from the date of purchase under normal use and specified service.


If any part of your Camper or Caravan is proven to be defective in material or workmanship during the 36 month warranty period, Conqueror 4×4 Pty Ltd will, repair the camper’s or caravan’s defective part with regard to items listed under “Validity of claims” and “What is not covered” and subject to compliance with the section entitled “What you must do”.


Conqueror 4×4 Pty Ltd reserves the right to make changes and improvements without notice and without liability. Conqueror 4×4 Pty Ltd has no obligation for warranty proposes to install the same components originally supplied, and where it is appropriate shall instead install or supply current components of similar quality, grade and composition. Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods.


We shall not be liable, (in part or whole) for any warranties, either expressed or implied, made by agents or resellers unless we give an express written agreement to be bound by such a warranty, and such liability shall be strictly limited to the extent of that written agreement. Such unauthorised claims shall be the responsibility of the agent or reseller only.




  1. Claims under this Warranty may only be made by the original purchaser of the Camper or Caravan.
  2. This Warranty does not cover damage due to unauthorised modifications, misuse, abuse, incorrect assembly, improper or irregular maintenance, or accident or collision. Without limiting the generality of this clause, some examples of circumstances that may cause damage not covered by warranty include:
    • Failing to have your Camper or Caravan serviced or perform regular basic maintenance as indicated in the manual;
    • Taking your Camper or Caravan through any environment which the manual indicates the product was not designed As an example, if you partially or fully submerge the camper or caravan, without taking preventative measures, you will not be able to claim for resulting water damage;
    • Where the Camper or Caravan is rented, hired or otherwise used for commercial purposes, the warranty term is 12 months.
    • Exceeding the load limits for your Camper or Caravan will cause strain on parts of the Camper or Caravan. The advertised load limits are for a load distributed evenly across the camper or caravan, and you may overload the camper or caravan at lesser weights if the weight is disproportionately placed in one part of the camper or You may not be able to claim for any failure or resulting damage caused or contributed to by such overloading.
  3. This warranty shall not apply to maintenance items which are the owner’s responsibility, such as greasing wheel bearings and tightening chassis bolts and nuts including wheel nuts.
  4. Canvas, leatherette, canopies, window screenings, awnings, cushion and mattress covers are not warranted against tears, punctures, shrinkage, softening, fading, mould or soiling, however are covered for faulty workmanship or materials.
  5. Damage caused by condensation being left untreated is not
  6. This warranty does not apply to any defect in aesthetics or physical appearance of the Camper or Caravan, or to normal deterioration of the soft trim and appearance due to wear and UV exposure nor to impact damage whether static or in transit.
  7. If we approve a warranty claim, then the work performed to remedy that claim must be performed either by one of our Dealers/Agents or by an entity whom we approve in writing to do that If you have rectification works performed by an unapproved third party, whether under an approved warranty claim or otherwise, then we may not be responsible for the costs of those works and this Warranty shall not cover those works, or any damage or loss of value arising from those works.



  1. Repairs and additions that are not authorised by Conqueror 4×4 Pty Ltd
  2. Accident, theft or fire
  3. Stone strike, hail, windstorm, chemical or other unnatural fallout, lightning, external fire or any unusual environmental
  4. Water ingress from floods or deep-water crossings
  5. Incursion by vermin and other pests
  6. Wheel alignment
  7. Any alternate accommodation costs whilst repairs are
  8. General consumables (e.g bearings, light bulbs, brake linings, shock absorbers etc)
  9. Zips, Mesh or screens


Except as otherwise required by law, your remedy if we accept a warranty claim will be limited to our choice between repair works with our chosen repairer, replacement goods, or a refund, as we reasonably consider appropriate to rectify the basis of the claim.


If we accept a warranty claim arising from a major failure, or for which we cannot provide a remedy in a reasonable time, then you may be entitled to a refund for that product. You will not be entitled to a refund or a replacement if the product has become damaged while within your care unless that damage is limited to fair wear and tear and damage caused by a defect and not contributed to by your actions or neglect.


You agree that, to the greatest extent permitted by law, we shall not be liable for consequential or special damages of any kind, including aggravated, punitive, or exemplary damages. Without limiting the generality of this clause, you agree that our liability shall be limited in all cases to the amount you paid for the products underlying a claim.




Your Caravan Camper requires a Service at least every 12 months or 10,000kms whichever occurs first.  More frequent servicing may be required if your camper has been through water crossings or traveling in extremely dusty conditions.


You are required to tighten the nuts and bolts under your camper or caravan before each long Journey. If you have been using your Camper/Caravan in extreme off-road conditions, you are required to check the nuts and bolts under your camper or caravan after each use.


The dust pressure fan filter is requires removing and cleaning after each dirt road journey. It this is not cleaned, a malfunction of the fan motor could occur.


If you have packed up a wet camper, ensure you open the awnings, beds and other canvas within 24 hours to ensure they are completely dry before repacking. Mould can occur if the canvas pieces are packed up wet and are not dried throughly. If it is still raining when you reach home or your next destination within the 24-hour period, it is best practice to set the camper up rather than leave it closed when wet. Eventually the rain will stop and your canvas will dry.




Conqueror Off Road’s range of Campers and Caravans have been designed and constructed to give added strength and ground clearance and durability for off road usage. They are a true off-Road product. Gas venting regulations, battery venting regulations and other construction restraints including Air Conditioning air access points need to be considered with these Campers and Caravans with regard to dust and water penetration. Caution and preventative sealing of vents should be carried out prior water crossings at or above body floor level.


Towing at a safe speed according to road and weather conditions with extra care and attention required on rough surfaces is vital for the safety of your family, vehicle and Camper or Caravan. Tyre/Airbag pressures are an important factor in off-road travel and need to be adjusted accordingly.




As a new owner of a Conqueror Off Road Camper or Caravan, you are responsible for regular and proper maintenance. This will help prevent conditions arising that are not covered by your warranty. More details listed under “Maintenance”.


Contact your Dealer/Agent for All warranty claims either by phone or email. The Dealer may ask for more information by way of photos and description of the issue.


If a problem arises, contact the Conqueror Off Road Dealer/Agent where you purchased:

Conqueror Off Road Brisbane – brisbanesales@conqueroroffroad.com.au

Conqueror Off Road Melbourne – melbournesales@conqueroroffroad.com.au


Conqueror 4×4 maintain records of purchase. However we reserve the right to seek proof of purchase to approve any warranty claimed and may reject any claim if such proof is unable to be provided by the original purchaser.


You must make the Camper or Caravan or component concerned available for inspection by us, at one of our Dealers/Agents before we will accept any warranty claim. If you are interstate from these dealers, we may assist in finding an authorised repairer depending on the nature of the claim.


Any component, which we authorise you to replace under this warranty, must be returned to us for inspection and will become our property after replacement. You agree to promptly deliver these components to us.


You must pay the costs of returning the Camper, Caravan or component to us when making any warranty claim, and you must also bear the costs of returning the Caravan, Camper or component to you after it has been repaired or replaced by us.



If you purchased a Camper or Caravan which you believe is covered by warranty, and you become aware of something you believe to be a defect or damage resulting from a defect, then you should follow the process set out below to obtain the fastest response and greatest chance of having your claim approved:

  1. As soon as reasonably possible after becoming aware of what you believe to be a defect or damage caused by a defect, lodge a warranty claim by calling your Dealer/Agent by phone or via the emails You may be asked to include photographs of the defect or damage caused by the defect, so having them ready will mean the claim can be processed quickly.
  2. Once we receive a warranty claim, we will respond in one of three We will either accept the claim, reject the claim, or ask for further information to allow us to decide whether to accept or reject the claim. If a claim consists of multiple parts, we may give different responses to different parts.
    • If the claim is accepted, we will notify you of the acceptance, and schedule an appointment convenient to both parties.
    • If the claim is rejected, we will notify you of the rejection and explain the reasons for the rejection. You may provide us with further information or explanations to appeal the rejection by email, but providing us with further material may not change the result;
    • If we have insufficient information to either accept or reject a claim, we will ask you to provide us with more information to allow us to make that We may require any kind of information which we consider to be relevant to the decision, which may involve questions about the use of the products, photographs of the products, the maintenance history of the products, or you may be required to supply the product or part of the product for further assessment prior to a decision. If you fail, neglect, or refuse to provide us with information which we reasonably require to process your claim, we may reject the claim based on that lack of information.
  3. If you act or fail to act in a way that either prevents us from determining the true cause and extent of the subject of a claim or which substantially constraints or limits our capacity to provide a remedy, this will adversely affect the handling of your As examples of such conduct:
    • If you arrange for repair works before we can assess a product, we may not be able to determine whether the repair works were covered by a warranty, or may not be able to provide the appropriate remedy after those works;
    • If you do not notify us of a claimable matter without delay, we will not be liable for damage caused by the delay, and we may not be able to determine the initial cause of the damage once time has aggravated it; and
    • If you refuse to allow us to access the product for the purposes of assessing a claim, we may reject the claim on the basis that we have insufficient information.
  4. If you provide us with false, misleading, or selectively incomplete information, we may reject that application on that basis. If you are unsure whether the information is relevant, include it in your application and we will assess its relevance.

Any valid warranty claim approved by Conqueror 4×4 does not in any way or under any circumstance imply an extension or renewal of the warranty period.


Conqueror 4×4 Pty Ltd (ACN 660 205 532)

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