Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

UEV stands for “Urban Escape Vehicle”. A Conqueror slogan that is known all around the globe.
Conqueror started as a small family business in South Africa over 30 years ago. Originally supplying to the Military and later moving into the leisure and camping industry, the Military heritage in these trailers is desired all around the globe. Conqueror is enjoying success appealing to adventurers in the USA, Australia, Japan, Middle East, England, Korea, China and the Netherlands.
Yes, there is now only one model available in Australia which is the Platinum Edition. Conqueror International assessed the market and the selling ratio and inquiry rate on Platinum editions was far greater than other models so by having one model the cost benefits on the production line have been passed down the line to Australian adventurers…

Each Conqueror trailer / caravan has to be tested and incorporate design elements that are unique to each market. The UEV 17 is currently undergoing vigorous testing in Australia and will be available in the showrooms in 2024.

Yes, absolutely. Conqueror Off Road are 100% committed to researching and developing new models for the Australian market. As they say, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ so too are new models of Conqueror campers and caravans. However, there will be a new ‘couples’ hybrid caravan coming to the market in Australia in 2024 – the UEV-600 – which is currently undergoing vigorous testing. Get in touch with us to register your interest.

Yes. In our pursuit to develop more Conqueror models to meet the demand for spacious off road caravans, we are committed to maintaining the heritage and uniqueness that defines Conqueror. We understand the challenges and requirements of travelling off road in Australia and our aim is to combine the ruggedness and durability that our brand is known for, with the comfort that customers are seeking. Yes, we are in the process of developing larger caravans for the near future. Get in touch with us to register your interest.

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